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Activism for Planetary Ecology

Cascadia Summer

10 Endangered National Forests Report

  • Straw Devil Logging Stopped
    Oregon Public Broadcasting
    A judge has stopped the logging of three controversial timber sales southeast of Eugene.

  • Womyns Occupation at Straw Devil Timber Sale
    To friends and foes, comrades and comrades to be, to all who love the earth and all who exploit it: A message from the Eco-Feminist Front…

    Every morning we wake up, the day is ours to create. Today we begin to create through action a world where womyn and all who were socialized as womyn no longer bear the weight of a history of rape on our minds, bodies, earth and livelihood; a history of unheard cries, a history of terror, a history of corsets and clearcuts, manufactured food and breasts, white picket fences and white corporate lies.

    Today we announce the beginning of an all-womyn’s action, occupation and tree-sit in defense of public land sold off to private industry. All-womyn occupied structures have been built to protect Unit 6 of the Straw Devil timber sale where Starfire Lumber (Engel Investors, Inc.) and Basco Logging in conjunction with the U.S. Forest Service will attempt to demolish this endangered ecosystem beginning in mid-July.

  • Save Oregon's Forests! Boycott Stumpqua Bank
    The replacement volume scheme came about in 1995, when Congress passed the now infamous Salvage rider, which suspended all environmental laws that normally regulate the sale of federal timber, including the Endangered Species Act, and the Northwest Forest Plan. The Salvage Rider also ordered the Forest Service to protect the habitat of the marbled murrelet, an endangered sea bird that nests in coastal forests.

    Replacement parcels were supposed to exchange “an equal volume of timber, of like kind and value.” However, in typical Forest Service fashion, old-growth forests from the Willamette National Forest to the Rogue River National Forest were targeted to serve as replacements for the tree farms that were originally purchased by Roseburg Forest Products. According to the Public Forestry Institute in Eugene, many “replacement volume” parcels are worth up to three times what the timber company originally purchased. Some examples are the North Winberry sale, east of Eugene, which would clear-cut 300 acres of 200-600 year-old trees. The East Devil sale would log 184 acres of native and old growth forest, with some units intruding into the 1000+ acre roadless areas bordering the Diamond Peak Wilderness.

    In all, Roseburg Forest Products is set to log over 1500 acres of some of the most ancient and biologically diverse forest that we have left in Oregon. In some cases, such as the Felix timber sale in the Umpqua, logging could even begin this winter. Your help is needed immediately!

  • Lost In Court: Cutting Could Begin This Summer 2003
    Fragile, high elevation units with Mountain Hemlock will be logged by virtual clearcuts, even though the Forest Service's own Watershed Analysis recommended against this in Mountain Hemlock forests. When we appealed, the Forest Service found that even though they must do an analysis of the watershed and make recommendations on how best to manage it, they are not required to follow their own recommendations, or even address them.

  • Join the Sacramento Mobilization! June 20-25
    On June 23-25, agricultural ministers from WTO nations have been invited to Sacramento to be treated to days of US lobbying to reach international agreements on acceptance of genetically altered food (sometimes know as Frankenfood), as part of a lead-up to the WTO summit in September, and a giant expo highlighting the wonders of industrial agriculture and biotechnology. From June 20-25, concerned people will converge in Sacramento to educate the public, and to protest and disrupt the meeting in five days of teach-ins, a legal, permitted march and rally, and nonviolent direct action.

    A large Pagan Cluster is gathering to support these actions. We invite you to join! Here’s some of what we could be doing:

    Meet at SE corner of Capitol Park 15th and N St (near the Rose Garden)

    Unite with people from all walks of life to take creative, non-violent actions to greet the Ministers and corporate representatives with the truth about biotech, pesticides, irradiation and the corporate takeover! We will use colorful, inviting civil disobedience to send a strong message that we oppose the Bush administration's back room deals to force corporate "free trade" and biotechnology on the world. Our actions will plant the seeds of earth-based democracy, grassroots resistance and hope!

    Bring food, plants, puppets and symbols of water, earth, biodiversity, and peoples’ agricultural resistance!

  • Dr. E.O. Wilson, Greenpeace and the National Forest Protection Alliance Warn of "Endangered Forests, Endangered Freedoms"
    WASHINGTON - A nationwide coalition of environmental groups released a new report today that identifies the national forests at greatest risk from logging and documents the Bush Administration's attempts to eliminate public oversight of environmental laws. Greenpeace and the National Forest Protection Alliance (NFPA) released Endangered Forests, Endangered Freedoms in response to the Administration's unprecedented attacks on America's national forests. Pulitzer Prize-winning author, Dr. E.O. Wilson of Harvard University joined the groups to call for an end to logging in these national treasures.

    "Scientists have reached a deeper understanding of the value of the National Forest System that needs to be kept front and center," said Dr. Wilson. "National forests represent a public trust too valuable to be managed as tree farms for the production of pulp, paper and lumber. The time has come to free national forests from political partisanship, and to use their treasures to benefit all Americans."

  • Salmon River Tree-Sits Blockaded by Federal Agents
    Federal agents are blockading three tree-sits in the Klamath National Forest in the Salmon River watershed. The Salmon River is the only undammed, undiverted river that feeds the Klamath and has had three tree sits blocking part of the Glassups Old Growth Timber Sale for a week and a half. The Klamath-Action Network is a group involved in the tree-sits and promises continued resistance for the Knob and Meteor Timber Sales, which are also public lands old growth sales in the Salmon River.

    Columbia Helicopters, an international company that specializes in helicopter logging steep and unstable slopes, are clear-cutting and high grading native forest in the National Forest, which is why the tree-sits are there.. Old growth logging destroy water quality, endangered species, and the forests natural resistance to fire. " These sales will hurt not help forest health by taking out the fire resistant old growth, leaving brush fields behind, destroying a rural town's drinking water, and endangering Klamath Salmon" stated Mari Posa, a spokes woman for the group.

  • New Treesit In Mt. Hood National Forest Protects Old Growth At Solo Timber Sale
    The Cascadia Forest Alliance today announced that it has erected a new tree sit at the controversial old growth Solo timber sale in the Mt. Hood National forest southeast of Estacada. Alliance activists maintained a treesit at Solo last summer while surveying the old growth canopy for rare species. After holding off logging last summer and discovering specimens of the extremely rare 'Oldgrowth specklebelly' lichen (Pseudocyphellaria rainierensis), activists left their vigil in the trees with plans to return if necessary. Logging is once again scheduled to begin June 1 and from past experiences, activists know that the Forest Service may waive their own rules in order to allow logging earlier.

  • What is Cascadia Summer All About?
    In light of the all out war being currently waged on our public forests and environmental protections by George W. Bush and the timber industry, forest defenders throughout the mountains of Oregon, Northern California and Southern Washington are organizing a campaign during the upcoming summer of 2003. We are issuing a call to action to all concerned individuals and organizations to request their aid during the upcoming summer months.

    In the last year, eco-activists have seen a rapid increase in the level of forest destruction on public lands, the erosion of hard-fought legal protections (As inadequate as they were, they were better than nothing.), and the amount of government repression on groups fighting for social and environmental justice. Bush and his cronies are organizing to continue profiting from injustice and exploiting the Earth.

Sept. 11
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