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Reflections conducive to a nonviolent future,
following the massacre of Sept. 11, 2001.

Image by Anthony Pennings, Sept. 14, 2001

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  • Editor's Note: The following clips and links were posted between Sept. 13 and Dec. 21, 2001, in an effort to provide an alternative archive of perspectives on the crisis of 9/11. Now that the "Oil Thesis" (see Page C) has appeared on the web site of the Democratic Party, I feel less urgency to update this archive; however, you may follow the latest clips and links on Afghanistan at the NVUSA global page. The archives of Professors for Peace (a Yahoo group) has served as a major contributor to these listings, and the viewer is encouraged to join that list and check Afganistan Online (see link below) for fresh supplies of news. Special thanks to Phil Gasper and George Snedeker for their tireless postings in this time of need. And thanks to the many people who have said kind things about the service provided here at NVUSA.
       --Greg Moses (911.gregmoses.net)

  • ''For the sake of the unity of our Palestinian people and in order to protect the path of Jihad (holy war) to achieve freedom and independence, and despite our full knowledge of the Zionist enemy's intentions to liquidate the will of our people and humiliate us through aggression, and in response to many wise people who want to avoid giving our occupiers a chance to split our unity, and because of our historic responsibility at this sensitive stage in the history of our people, we announce the halting of martyrdom operations inside the occupied lands of 1948 and the halting of the firing of mortar shells until further notice.''
       --Hamas Statement (AP 12/21/2001)

  • U.S. warplanes bombed a convoy of Afghan tribal elders going to Kabul to attend the swearing in of an interim government, killing 65 people after locals misinformed the Pentagon, provincial leaders said on Friday.
       --Reuters (12/21/2001)

  • Terrorism, on the other hand does work, and is the weapon of the strong. It is a very serious analytic error to say, as is commonly done, that terrorism is the weapon of the weak. Like other means of violence, it is primarily a weapon of the strong -- overwhelmingly, in fact. It is held to be a weapon of the weak because the strong also control the doctrinal systems and their terror does not count as terror.
       --Noam Chomsky (Al-Ahram 10/18/2001)

  • With the U.S. threatening direct military intervention in Yemen to root out Al-Qaida, the Yemeni government's decision to crack down may be less a matter of hoping for something from Washington in return for its cooperation, than a fear of what may happen if it does not. The Yemeni government is in a difficult bind, however. If it is unsuccessful in breaking up the terrorist cells, the likely U.S. military intervention would probably result in armed resistance and a bloody counterinsurgency campaign by foreign forces. If the government casts too wide a net, however, it risks tribal rebellion and other civil unrest for what will be seen as unjustifiable repression at the behest of a Western power and a threat to the country's shaky experiment with political pluralism. Either way, it would only increase support for extremist elements, which both the U.S. and Yemeni governments want to see destroyed.
       --Stephen Zunes (Foreign Policy In Focus 12/19/2001)

  • The Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) today announced that it is offering a $15,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and charge of anyone connected to the disappearance of Dr. Don C. Wiley, an HHMI investigator at Harvard University.
       --New Release (HHMI  11/30/2001)

  • Wiley's colleagues doubt his disappearance is terrorist-related. Harvard professor Jack Strominger, a longtime collaborator with Wiley who has been honored alongside the missing scientist for their work in human immunology, said Wiley has not worked with Ebola directly and has no knowledge how to infect large amount of people with infectious diseases.
       --ABC (11/28/2001)

  • The seminal contributions of Drs. Strominger and Wiley are fundamental in understanding the molecular and chemical bases for the functioning of the immune system. The three-dimensional structures of the class I and class II MHC molecules opened a wide vista for investigation of autoimmune diseases which have been linked to specific MHC allotypes. It has also opened a new avenue of research for the detailed molecular understanding of transplantation rejection, tumor immunity and the response to foreign pathogens.
       --Bioscience Award (Japan Prize 1999)

  • My research group studies how proteins from the surfaces of viruses initiate viral infections and how proteins of the human cellular immune system respond by presenting antigens and mobilizing defensive cells. We use x-ray crystallography to determine the atomic structures of proteins isolated from viruses and human cells....

    To understand how viruses enter cells by membrane fusion, we have studied influenza, HIV-1, and Ebola virus in the past and found they share many elements of their atomic mechanism. While continuing to study those mechanisms, we have also begun to study human herpes simplex virus and human respiratory syncytial virus (HRSV), which initiate membrane fusion differently....
       --Dr. Don C Wiley (HHMI Self-Profile 11/5/2001)

  • A citation issued to Wiley by the Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation states that "Dr. Wiley's extraordinary accomplishments have changed the ground rules of immunology. By providing a precise picture of MHC-peptide binding, he has made the rational design of specific molecules for antiviral vaccines a reality. Research into tumor antigens, allograft rejection, and autoimmune diseases as diverse as multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes mellitus, has made essential advances that originate in the achievements of Don Wiley."
       --HHMI Bulletin (1995)

  • Because the vaccine is licensed just to prevent infection with anthrax, and not to treat people after exposure, the shots will be made available as part of an experimental study run by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This is the first time that the government has offered ordinary citizens a vaccine against a biological weapon....

    In paying for the vaccine, the health agency had to agree to indemnify its maker, BioPort, of Lansing, Mich., against claims arising from the vaccinations. In weighing the vaccine offer, a complicating factor was the Food and Drug Administration's closing of Bioport's plant for failing cleanliness standards.
       --Sheryl Gay Stolberg & David E. Rosenbaum (NYTimes 12/19/2001)

  • So, good old Admiral Crowe and his fellow investors in BioPort are set to make a bundle off of the Anthrax scare. Especially when market demand pushes the price of the product high up above the contracted for $3.50 an ounce. And who are those fellow investors? Well, another part of BioPort is owned by the Carlyse Group. That's George H. W. Bush's current occupation. Yet another portion is owned by (you had better sit down), the Bin Laden family!
       --Jeff Rense ("Who Owns" 10/17/2001)

  • After three years of getting bailed out by the Defense Department, BioPort could be poised to make a fortune -- as its CEO Fuad El-Hibri did working with the British seller of anthrax vaccine, Porton International, during the Gulf War a decade ago. But only if the FDA approves the company's renovated plant, as expected, sometime in the next week. The decision could open the door for BioPort to market the drug to a worried public, as new anthrax scares are reported daily.
       --Laura Rozen (Salon 10/13/2001)

  • While assigned to Dover Air Force Base in Delaware, Major Bates refused the anthrax vaccine in November 1999, and was forced to end his 14-year career as a result. Although he was not court-martialed, he was given a general discharge under honorable conditions in March 2000, and ordered to pay a fine. Captain Buck, however, is facing formal court-martial charges for his refusal in January 2001, and is scheduled to be prosecuted at Keesler Air Force Base, Mississippi, in September 2001.
       --Lawsuit (Washington DC 5/2/2001)

  • "The plain fact is that the AVA is still an investigational drug and should not be used without appropriate informed consent. I call upon the DOD and the FDA to cease and desist from their illegal conduct and to abandon plans for Anthrax Vaccine inoculation of the Armed Forces," said [Connecticut Attorney General Richard] Blumenthal, urging that the DOD at least make inoculation voluntary. "Additionally, the FDA should block the manufacture and sale of AVA by Bioport and renounce the 1997 action which illegally cleared the way for the DOD's mass inoculations."
       --Connecticut State Library (3/22/2001)

  • The Anthrax Vaccine Network, Inc. (AVN) today issued a formal protest against the "height of immorality, stupidity, and lack of concern for the public health" as represented by the request of drug companies and the Bush Administration to waive FDA rules in vaccine manufacturing, and to use stockpiled, expired, and quarantined doses of the highly reactive, dangerous anthrax vaccine on the American public, according to AVN President Kathy Hubbell.
       --PDF Press Release (Anthraxvaccine.Net 12/18/2001)

  • The vaccine helps your immune system to prevent the anthrax bacteria from growing and producing toxins that lead to disease and death.
       --Official Military Website (AVP The Vaccine)

  • For centuries, anthrax has been one of the most feared diseases on the planet. Many biblical scholars speculate that one of the plagues visited on Pharaoh and the Egyptians during Moses’ time was actually an outbreak of anthrax.
       --History (Bioport Website)

  • Mr. Rumsfeld made clear that the United States is shifting its focus from Clinton-era Balkan peacekeeping to a new threat. He said slashing the peacekeeping force in Bosnia by up to one-third before the end of next year would help America, and the alliance, prepare for what new front may open in the terror war....

    NATO's defense ministers spent the day contemplating how to reshape their militaries to counter the terrorist threat, and how to pay for it. Lord Robertson announced agreement "to increase the proportion of forces that can be deployed and sustained in operations far beyond alliance territory."
       --Thom Shanker (NYTimes 12/19/2001)

  • --New leader Hamid Karzai headed back to the capital on Wednesday from talks in Rome with ex-King Zahir Shah, a display of loyalty to an aging monarch who is not yet going home but who is regarded by his people as a force for unity even though he is unlikely ever to hold office again. (Reuters)

    --Twenty prisoners so far have been handed over to the United States. Fifteen prisoners from the northern Afghanistan city Mazar-e-Sharif were turned over Tuesday to U.S. Marines at a newly created jail at the American base in Kandahar, where FBI agents familiar with the Sept. 11 attacks arrived to help with questioning. (AP)
       --Afghanistan Online (12/19/2001)

  • CONTRIBUTORS TELL STORIES that have gone underreported in the media: The families of dead and displaced undocumented workers who were denied relief; the thousand plus detained and unexplained people; the profoundly unpatriotic 'Patriot Act'; Bush's insane energy policy; the ill-conceived sanctions on Iraq; the diversion of relief funds to corporate bailouts; and systematic silencing of those questioning the Washington war consensus.
       --"Another World is Possible" (Book Announcement 12/17/2001)

  • The stubborn fires that have burned beneath the ruins of the World Trade Center for the past three months are finally out, officials said Wednesday.
       --AP (NYTimes Online 12/19/2001)

  • A new alliance with Battelle, an Ohio-based technology troubleshooter with worldwide operations, could help BioPort win government approval to make the vaccine at its renovated north Lansing labs. BioPort will pay Battelle to fill 14 jobs and provide key testing to ensure the vaccine's potency.
       --Lansing State Journal (@MajorBates.Com 10/21/2000)

  • The anthrax spores that contaminated U.S. mail in October appear to have been U.S. produced, according to White House officials, but investigators remained mystified as to the culprit.
       --AP (ABC 12/17/2001)

  • The extraordinary concentration (one trillion spores per gram) and purity of the letter anthrax is believed to be characteristic of material made by the US process.
       --Barbara Hatch Rosenberg (FAS Report 12/10/2001)

  • In her paper, Dr. Rosenberg said she believed that the [anthrax] culprit's motive was not necessarily to kill but to stir public fear and so highlight the importance of building up defenses against germ attack.
       --Willliam J. Broad (NYTimes 12/14/2001)

  • Battelle’s experience in the development of vaccines for the Department of Defense is helping support the national effort to prevent and prepare for a domestic terrorism attack. Our first large program in this area focuses on improving the administration and efficacy of anthrax vaccines.
       --Batelle Brochure (PDF)

  • Also, please note the report below mentions of one Jerome Hauer in the secret anthrax program -- the man who had headed the entire spray operation in NYC in its first year, who headed security at the World Trade Center during the attack and whose office ordered thousands of employees "back to their desks" after the first plane hit, causing hundreds of unnecessary deaths. Hauer is a very important player in all of this, and has gone fairly unscrutinized. Hauer was the man who was friends with and who introduced Col. Thomas Monath to Giuliani -- Monath, working as VP of Oravax, Inc, has a long history with secret forces and genetically engineered vaccines, and whose company had announced a West Nile encephalitis vaccine THE SAME DAY THAT THE SPRAYING BEGAN in 1999, and whose company also works on dengue fever. Cuba has long complained that Dengue fever has been used against it by the US as a bioterrorist agent. And, currently, there is a surprising huge and inexplicable outbreak of dengue fever in Hawaii.
       --Mitchel Cohen (via email 12/17/2001)

  • "Project Jefferson" was ongoing around the same time American anthrax ace William C. Patrick III, was apparently contracted by Battelle Memorial Institute to develop a report on the ramifications of mailing powdered anthrax, much the same as what occurred in the wake of the October anthrax mailings.
       --Leonard G. Horowitz (Letter to Mueller 12/17/2001)

  • Whether the tape is real or a fake, there remains little doubt that al-Qaida was behind the attacks on the USA. But, as Prince Nayef, head of Saudi security observed last week, Osama bin Laden is largely a figurehead. Its real leaders, said the prince, echoing this column's view, remain as yet unknown and are likely outside Afghanistan.
       --Eric Margolis (Toronto Sun 12/13/2001 After 12/20/2001 see Past Columns)

  • These intricate personal and financial links have led to virtual silence in the administration on Saudi Arabia's failings in dealing with terrorists like bin Laden, said Charles Lewis, executive director of the Center for Public Integrity, a Washington, D.C.-based government watchdog group.
       --Maggie Mulvihill, Jack Meyers, & Jonathan Wells (Boston Herald 12/11/2001)

  • The Saudi who was seen visiting Osama bin Laden in the videotape released this week is a 38-year-old veteran of conflicts in Afghanistan, Bosnia and Chechnya who left the kingdom most recently on Sept. 21, a senior Saudi official said today.
       --Douglas Jehl (NYTimes 12/15/2001)

  • A day after the United States released a translated videotape that showed Osama bin Laden rejoicing over the Sept. 11 attacks, U.S. intelligence officials were poring over the tape for clues that could help the crackdown on the al Qaeda network....

    The White House said the tape is believed to have been shot Nov. 9 in the southern Afghanistan city of Kandahar, which was the Taliban's spiritual capital.
       --ABC (12/14/2001)

  • Zelbert Moore, who lives in the City of Poughkeepsie and teaches at SUNY New Paltz, said he agreed with the government's decision to release the tape. But he feared such an emphasis on one man would distract the public from what he said would be a problem even after the possible capture or death of the Saudi exile.
       --Nik Bonopartis (Poughkeepsie Journal 12/14/2001)

  • The Senate Finance Committee today approved so-called "fast-track" legislation, a bill that gives the president greater powers to negotiate international trade agreements.
       --Brian Krebs (Newsbytes 12/12/2001)

  • As it stands, Fast Track would aid powerful corporations searching the globe for cheap labor—lowering standards globally for workers’ rights, public health, consumers and the environment.
       --AFL-CIO (Global Economy)

  • As part of its drive to expand NAFTA to the entire Western Hemisphere, the Bush administration is working hard to get "Fast Track" trade negotiating authority. Fast Track would prevent Congress from changing, or even having extended debate on, any trade agreement negotiated by the president. Such an arrangement would reduce the role of Congress in trade negotiations to little more than a rubber stamp. As Fast Track shows, the free trade" agenda is as much about governance--who will make the rules in the new global economy--as it is about trade. Fast Track is simply undemocratic. In recent years, Fair Trade forces twice defeated President Clinton's Fast Track requests. By educating our communities about the failures of free trade, we can do it again.
       --Why You Should Oppose Fast Track (Global Exchange)

  • Today, I have given formal notice to Russia, in accordance with the treaty, that the United States of America is withdrawing from this almost 30 year old treaty. I have concluded the ABM treaty hinders our government's ability to develop ways to protect our people from future terrorist or rogue state missile attacks.
       --Pres. G.W. Bush (12/13/2001)

  • President Bush on Thursday will formally announce the United States is withdrawing from the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, senior administration officials told CNN Wednesday.
       --CNN (12/12/2001)

  • For the American Right, for the Republican party, a defence against missiles is a patriotic crusade. One lobby group calls itself High Frontier and compares its cause to guarding the Wild West against Red Indians.
       --BBC (5/5/2001)

  • Clearly, then, the ABM Treaty did not help constrain offensive proliferation, but was a major stimulus of it. The historical facts notwithstanding, many still believe that the absence of all defense in a counterforce world limits offensive proliferation, and a wonder to behold it is. The belief that the ABM Treaty has effectively limited offensive proliferation, despite the compelling empirical evidence to the contrary, is even less logical than the belief that garlic necklaces keep away elephants ... where the evidence is necessarily counterfactual.
       --Adam Garfinkle (Global Beat 5/25/2001)

  • But the goal of a sensible missile defense policy should not be not to tear up treaties.
       --Goldgeier & Lindsay (Baltimore Sun 10/26/2001)

  • "At a time during which U.S. diplomats are struggling to hold together an international coalition in the war on terrorism, it is simply not in the U.S. interest to unilaterally abrogate the ABM Treaty. Now, more than ever, we should be working together to confront global security threats, not walking away from our treaty obligations. We should not risk Russia’s continued participation in the fight against global terrorism in a rush to deploy an unproven missile defense system," said John Isaacs, President of Council for a Livable World.
       --News Advisory (Coalition to Reduce Nuclear Dangers 12/12/2001)

  • Americans who served in the Gulf War were nearly twice as likely to develop Lou Gehrig's disease as other military personnel, the government reported Monday. It was the first time officials acknowledged a scientific link between service in the Gulf and a specific disease.
       --AP (NYTimes Online 12/10/2001)

  • American warplanes are attacking Afghanistan with depleted uranium weapons which could poison combatants and civilians, especially children, according to U.S. officials.
       --Richard S. Ehrlich (Reprint 10/29/2001)

  • The rapid retreat of the Taliban may be partly due to a mystery metal used in new "hard target" weapons in the Afghan bombing campaign. It has been kept secret by the US and UK governments since 1997 but latest analysis of Afghan war reports and military information websites indicate that it is probably Depleted Uranium (DU).
       --Dai Williams (Briefing 11/17/2001)

  • Depleted uranium has an incubation period in humans of five years. In the four years from 1991 (the end of the Gulf war) until 1994, the Basrah Maternity Hospital [Iraq] saw 11 congenital anomalies. Last year there were 221.
       --Andy Kershaw (Independent 12/01/2001)

  • The Pentagon tested DU shells at various sites around the U.S. and used it in combat for the first time against Iraq during the 1991 Gulf War. It was very effective in destroying Iraqi tanks, as well as their occupants and anyone in the area. At least 600,000 pounds of DU and uranium dust was left around Iraq, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia by U.S. and British forces during that war.
       --What is DU? (IAC Update 1/9/2001)

  • A survey of more than 10,000 Gulf War veterans who have reported mysterious illnesses (muscle and joint pain, chronic fatigue, depressed immune systems, neurological disorders, memory loss, chemical sensitivities, rashes, and various other symptoms [31]), [36], [59], 82% had entered destroyed Iraqi vehicles contaminated with DU dust [36] . Similar ailments have been recently reported in people working at or living close to the Oak Ridge National Laboratory and other nuclear weapons sites contaminated by uranium and other pollutants [76] . Some veterans also reported breathing smoke from burning vehicles which had been impacted by DU rounds. In addition, a number of medical personnel, who treated wounded coalition and Iraqi soldiers, may have been exposed to DU dust on clothing and in wounds.
       --Vladimir S. Zajic (Review July, 1999)

  • One possible effect that the depleted uranium could have on the local population [of Kosovo] is exposure to enhanced levels of uranium in water due to the dissolution of the penetrators by water in the soil, and transport of the dissolved uranium down through the profile to the groundwater table. This uranium could thus enter drinking water wells.
       --UNEP Report on Kosovo (March, 2001)

  • The French, meanwhile, have leaked their own information to the media to play up the fact that they were on to Mr Moussaoui but that their warnings were ignored. French intelligence informed the Americans about his al-Qa'ida links on 1 September, and again in a bilateral meeting of intelligence agents in Paris on 5-6 September. According to an account of that meeting in Le Monde, US participants said Mr Moussaoui's case was in the hands of the immigration authorities and was not a matter for the FBI.
       --Ian Burrell, Andrew Gumbel & Kim Sengupta (Independent 12/11/2001)

  • The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan this year fervently hoped to be able to celebrate International Human Rights Day inside Afghanistan. But the re-emergence of the "Northern Alliance" criminals in different parts of our country, dangling as they are from American bayonets, crushed all such hopes. The "Northern Alliance" need to remember the years 1992 to 1996 when they were in power; when the execrable Golbodin Hekmatyar gang (Hezb-i-Islami) turned Kabul to rubble with their daily indiscriminate bombardment and rocketing; when the infamous Mazari-Khalili gang (Wahdat-i-Islami) were gouging out the eyes of non-Hazaras; when the vile Sayyaf gang (Ittehad-i-Islami) were driving 6-inch nails into the heads of Hazaras and broiling them alive in metal containers; when the perfidious Rabbani-Massoud gangs (Jamiat-i-Islami and Shorai Nazar) slaughtered the inhabitants of Afshar and other residential areas in Kabul and whitewashed the faces of all murderers, ra! pists and looters in history in terms of the barbarity and infamy they perpetrated against countless innocent and defenceless women, girls and young boys. The "Northern Alliance" should know that the bleeding wounds they have inflicted upon the people of Afghanistan during all the years of their jihadi rule of gore and infamy are too open, too painful, to allow any posturing of democratic baptism and conversion to belief in human rights on their part to be taken as anything but an added insult to the people who have suffered so much at their hands. Such posturing and talk of "democracy" and "women's rights" cannot wash away or hide their innate fundamentalist-terrorist nature.
       --RAWA (12/10/2001)

  • The recent military collapse of the Taliban has created a misperception in the Western media and public that the humanitarian crisis has eased. In fact, it has reached a critical stage. Growing lawlessness and factionalism among Northern Alliance forces is preventing life-saving aid from reaching millions of at-risk civilians, especially in remote areas. Neighboring countries are continuing to seal their borders, restrict access to humanitarian agencies and deny basic rights to refugees and internally displaced persons. The exclusive focus of the United States-led Coalition on military action is undermining the impartiality of humanitarian agencies and impeding their aid operations. Unless all parties to the armed conflict prioritize an urgent humanitarian response, thousands of Afghans will die of hunger and exposure during the winter months.
       --Appeal to UN (CESR 12/10/2001)

  • I am getting mail from readers asking worriedly whether some of these new investigatory powers won't eventually be turned on non-terorists — for example, activists and others perceived to be troublemakers here at home. Those worries were only heightened when it was learned that Mr. Ashcroft was considering a plan to relax restrictions on the F.B.I.'s surveillance of domestic religious and political organizations.
       --Bob Herbert (NYTimes 12/10/2001)

  • ANSWER: It's a national disgrace the way workers have been treated. We supported the president and his administration in the war on terrorism from the very first day. Many of our members are a part of the increased military activity. We saw the airline industry bailed out in Congress. We were assured that worker-protection issues would be taken up as quickly as possible. Yet, despite all that's going on with things like moving to bail out the insurance industry and to enact airplane security legislation, the people who are suffering the most--the hundreds of thousands of laid-off workers--have not had their issues of unemployment insurance and health-care coverage addressed. It is insulting to workers who make this country run.
       --John Sweeney AFL-CIO (LATimes 12/9/2001)

  • National American Muslim organizations today asked President Bush to reconsider his decision to freeze the assets of the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF), one of the nation's largest Muslim charities.
       --Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR 12/4/2001)

  • For two decades, [Abdul] Ghaffar [Khan] and his Red Shirts dominated the North-West Frontier [of Pakistan] without resort to violence, enduring prison and torture. Ghaffar's friend and mentor, Mohandas Gandhi, called his feat "a miracle." Nevertheless, the most remarkable Pashtun of his era is forgotten, not only because his cause was lost — he sought self- rule for his people within a united, secular India — but because it was an embarrassment to Britain, India and Pakistan alike.

    A new biography, "The Pathan Unarmed" by Mukulika Banerjee, adds fresh light....
       --Karl E. Meyer (NYTimes 12/7/2001)

  • “Today’s world is traveling in some strange direction. You see that the world is going toward destruction and violence. And the specialty of violence is to create hatred among people and to create fear. I am a believer in nonviolence and I say that no peace or tranquility will descend upon the people of the world until nonviolence is practiced, because nonviolence is love and it stirs courage in people.” – Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan to an interviewer in 1985
       --Eknath Easwaran, author ("Nonviolent Soldier of Islam" Nilgiri Press)

  • After the creation of Pakistan,when Pashtoon were denied their due rights, Bacha khan started a movement for creation of Pushtun land called Pukhtunistan comprising all Pukhtun areas. At the same time he was working on the social development of Pukhtuns. He created a big group of Social workers through out NWFP called "Khuddai Khidmatgar" which means working for society or public servant with out having pay. In Pakistan most of the time he remained in prison. He was expelled from Pakistan to Afghanistan in 1958. He came back in 1970.

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