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  • NeoCons Up in Arms

    Today the 'military-industrial complex,' about which departing President Dwight Eisenhower warned, has a bigger hand in shaping and directing U.S. foreign policy than at any time in history. The operatives who have taken charge at the Pentagon, usurping the role once played by the State Department, and the think tanks and institutes to which they are linked are generously supported by the gun, missile and bomb makers.

  • African Americans & the Reality of Joblessness

    On Thursday, July 4, the media reported on the joblessness statistics for June. The news wasn't good. It soon disappeared. Over the Fourth of July holiday weekend, the story simply vanished. One searched high and low through the country's major newspapers for some follow-up, some commentary on the figures and what they meant. For the most part, there wasn't any, no editorial warning of what it might portend, no outcry from Presidential candidates, no reflection of the grim picture the numbers suggested.

Sept. 11
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