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  • Activists rejoice over court's ruling
    News (June 27, 2003) The Advocate

    Gay men and lesbians reacted with relief and triumph Thursday after the Supreme Court struck down a Texas law that banned gay sex acts even in private. Gay rights activists, who regarded the sodomy statute challenge as one of the most important legal cases in decades, said the high court's ruling will have a far-reaching impact in guaranteeing equal rights for gay people. "This is historic," said Kate Kendall, executive director of the National Center for Lesbian Rights. "There is not a gay person in this country who has not lived their entire life under the yoke of these laws existing somewhere."

  • IGLHRC Honors Transgender Activist From Argentina
    Press Release (April 29, 2003) IGLHRC

    The International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC) will honor an outstanding sexual rights activist at its annual Felipa Awards ceremony in San Francisco on Thursday, May 29 and at a reception in New York on Monday, June 2. This year's awardee is Lohana Berkins of Argentina.

    Ms. Berkins is a committed transgender activist from Argentina, who helped to found ATA (Argentinean Transvestite Asociacíon) in 1995. She has, in the face of government and police harassment and violence, as well as broad cultural biases, spearheaded brave and successful efforts to change Argentine civil rights law, educated the public, provided services and assistance to transgender communities, and emerged as a vocal and well respected spokesperson for transgender and human rights issues in South America, at the United Nations, and around the world.

  • EGYPT: The trial of the 52 alleged gays
    Report (undated) Amnesty International

    On and around 11 May 2001 some 60 men were arrested in various locations in Cairo. Over half were arrested while in a night club on a boat, known as the Queen Boat, moored on the banks of the River Nile. Others were taken from two locations in downtown Cairo or from their homes. During the night of 11 May 2001, the detainees were held at different locations, including ‘Abedin Police Station, Azbekiya Police Station and the department of the State Security Intelligence (SSI) in the Misr al-Gadida district of Cairo.

Sept. 11
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