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By Greg Moses


State and Federal Sources

Access and Equity Division

A division of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board charged with overseeing civil rights issues.

Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB)

The state agency that oversees higher education.

Office for Civil Rights

A division of the U.S. Department of Education.

U.S. Department of Education

A cabinet level department that reports to the President.

President Clinton's Initiative on Race
A passing review of race relations in the USA, chaired by eminent historian John Hope Franklin. Broken link.

USDA Civil Rights Review
Here is a mostly-ignored but vitally important component of civil rights politics. This self-study admits shortcomings in the civil rights record at USDA, especially in the Cooperative Extension Services. Broken link. For USDA updates see our special focus on Pigford.

US Commission on Civil Rights

Another federal agency with stockpiles of data.

US Civil Rights Agencies
Some links, courtesy of OCR. Broken link.

US Federal Courts

Essential links, courtesy of the Federal Judicial Center.

Fed World

Try not to get lost in this mega-site of federal webs. Hope to see you back here soon.


Hopwood Links
A page by Kevin Michael Foster, doctoral student at the University of Texas and president of the National Black Graduate Student Association. Broken link.

Hopwood v. State of Texas

Documents online, courtesy of  the Tarleton Law Library at UT-Austin Law School.

OCR Responds

July 30, 1996 letter from US Dept. of Ed. General Counsel Judith A. Winston encouraging continuation of race considerations despite Hopwood (with special cautionary caveats for the Fifth District).

Texas Commission on a Representative Student Body

Texas colleges and universities organize their response to Hopwood. Link to minutes of the first meeting, Jan. 26, 1998.

The Hopwood Decision in Texas as an Attack on Latino Access to Selective Higher Education Programs

Undated paper from Harvard Civil Rights Project by Jorge Chapa, etal.


Fordice Links

From Mississippi State University.


Supreme Court Blunts Civil Rights

A report from Colorlines


RBP Associates
Did you know that HR (Human Resource) offices may be using spiffy software capable of producing 600 different reports? The next time your administration complains that the numbers you want are difficult or costly to produce, ask about EEOMAS from RBP Associates. Broken link.


National Black Law Students Association

NBLSA filed a complaint with OCR in 1997 alleging that the civil rights of black Texans were being violated by the continuing vestiges of segregation in higher education.

Tomas Rivera Policy Institute

Sponsor of a 1988 report by attorney Ronald T. Vera, "Texas Responds to the Office of Civil Rights: Progress Made under the Texas State Plan for Higher Education."


Prairie View University

The older of the two public black campuses in Texas and one of the older black colleges in the United States. This campus is administered by the Texas A&M System.

Texas A&M University

A colossal, historically white, institution that also serves as headquarters for the Cooperative Extension Service, the educational program administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Texas Southern University

One of two public black campuses in Texas. Home of the Thurgood Marshall School of Law.

University of Houston

Historically white, but urban. Also home to a law school.

University of Texas at Austin

Another colossal, historically white, institution, known to some in Texas as "The University."

Texas Civil Rights

MALDEF: Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund

Founded in San Antonio

Texas Civil Rights Project

Activism, analysis, and litigation, with offices in Austin.

Texas Defender Service

With a focus on murder defendants in a death penalty state.

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