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Texas Promises New Money
To its Black State Universities

Fourth Federally-Mandated
Desegregation Plan
Approved and Posted
At Official Website

By Greg Moses

As it attempts to reverse a slump in higher education, the state of Texas has promised to send new money to two old schools that have the best record of educating the state's nonwhite students.

The Fourth Texas Plan for Desegregation of Higher Education, requested and approved by the Office of Civil Rights at the US Department of Education, promises to bring some parity to the state's support of Prairie View University and Texas Southern University.

While The Fourth Texas Plan includes concern with a continuing need to diversify the state's traditionally white campuses, there is a shift of emphasis away from embattled affirmative action at traditionally white colleges. This plan concentrates on the long-standing disparities between historically black and white campuses.

The plan also encourages an increase in white participation at the two historically black universities, located in or near the city of Houston.

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