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Prison Links

   Resources for Educators and Activists

Alphabetical Directory:

ACJNet: Access to Justice Network

   A comprehensive collection of Canadian resources in English and French. The "quick start" page really is.

ACLU: "Arrest the Racism"

   A link to the June, 1999, report on "Driving While Black: Racial Profiling on our Nation's Highways."

Afrikan.Net: Afrikan Frontline Network

   A cyber-galaxy of voices in struggle.

Alliance of Incarcerated Canadians/Foreigners in American Prisons (AICAP/AIFAP)

   Follow "Links" to petition asking for transfer of all Canadian prisoners to Canada.

Anderson Publishing

   Click on Criminal Justice Publications for a searchable catalogue of books. Also offers Ohio Law Online.

A.R.M.: Alliance for Reform of Management

   A Florida-based group for reform of the keeping class. Dead link as of Aug. 2001: unable to locate

Amnesty International

   A comprehensive human rights organization with a helpful online library concerning the death penalty and other prison issues.

Anarchist Black Cross (ABC)

   Solidarity with political prisoners since Czarist Russia. This link points to an excellent webliography of prison readings.

Andrea Mims

   Husband Rick Jackson's project to free his wife from California prison. Address at pirated by porn as of Aug. 2001.

Angola 3

   Black Panther prison organizers Herman Wallace, Albert Woodfox, and Robert King Wilkerson. One out, two to go.

Association Rupture

   Paris-based organization with postmodern theme, focusing on abolition of death penalty. French and English.

Black Radical Congress

   See campaigns on Assata, Charleston 5, and Education Not Incarceration.

Bureau of Justice Statistics: BJS

   Get it from the proverbial horse's mouth.

California Prison Focus

   Working to stop human rights violations, improve medical care, and end long-term isolation in California's prisons.

Californians United for Justice

   Legislative watchdog group.

Campaign to End the Death Penalty

   Chicago-based network; publisher of "The New Abolitionist."

Campaign for Equity-Restorative Justice: CERJ

   This Vermont-based organization seeks to redefine the theory and practice of justice. Address at not active as of Aug. 2001.

Carr Center for Human Rights Policy (Harvard)

   Transcripts of talks on restorative justice, capital punishment, and more. Formerly known as Harvard Human Rights Initiative (HRI).

CCADP: Canadian Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty

   Home of the effort to boycott Texas. Working to put death row prisoners on the web.

Cell Door

   Online journal of prisoners' writings, edited by Laird Carlson.

Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice: CJCJ

   Helpful studies.

Center for Restorative Justice and Mediation: U of Minnesota--St. Paul

   With theoretical contributions from Dr. Mark Umbreit at University of Minnesota.

Citizens United Against the Death Penalty: CUADP

   Florida-based campaign to end the death penalty; favors the alternative of lengthy prison terms (25 years to life).

Citizens United for Rehabilitation of Errants: CURE

   The national homepage. See Garden State CURE below.

Coalition for the Abollition of Prisons

   Archive of Broken Chains newsletter by prisoners, activists, and academics.

Correctional Service Canada: CSC

   With surprisingly progressive reports, e.g. 'Human Rights and Corrections' (1997) or 'Satisfying Justice' (1996).


   Edited by Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Claire.

Death Penalty Focus of California

   Dedicated to abolition.

Drop the Rock

   Campaign to repeal 1973 NY Rockefeller drug laws, sponsored by Correctional Association.

Drug Reform Coordination Network: DRC Net

   Washington, D.C., group working against the frenzies of Drug-War USA.

Drug War Prisoners

   Reporting on the condition of POWS. From the Committee on Unjust Sentencing.

Drum Nation

   NYC immigrant activists, with link to post-Sept. 11 campaign to stop the disappearance of immigrant detainees.

Earth Liberation Prisoners

   London base with global contacts, especially focused on Anarchist orgs and North American figures.

Families Against Mandatory Minimum Sentences: FAMM

   A national organization based in Washington, D.C. This link is to the page explaining what mandatory minimum sentences (MMS) are all about.


   A web community for and about families of offenders, based in Virginia. Complete with chats, email updates, and reports.


   Looking for laws, rulings, and other lawyerly stuff?

Forfeiture Endangers American Rights: FEAR

   A nationwide organization to curb forfeiture of property.

Freedom Archives

   San Francisco based audio archives with productions on George Jackson and Attica.

Garden State CURE

   The New Jersey chapter.

Georgians for Equal Justice (GEJ)

   Criminal justice project of the Southern Center for Human Rights.

Human Rights Watch

   Search the site for keyword "prison" and you'll get plenty of help.

Indiana Students Against Racism in Prisons: ISARP

   Their "prisonjustice" domain is apparently inactive as of Aug. 2001. Original purpose was to explore racism among prison employees.

Inmate Connections

   Prisoner pen pals and web design and advocacy for victims of injustice.

International Action Center

   Founded by Ramsey Clark. Focus on Mumia, Globallization, etc.

International Conference on Penal Abolition: ICOPA

   A Quaker-inspired conference held in Toronto, May 2000.

IBF: International Bannister Foundation

   Named for Missouri prisoner, A.J. Bannister, executed in 1997. Websites to abolish death penalty available in a dozen languages.

International Court of Justice

   The emerging docket of a world court. Get a free subscription to press releases via email.

IGC: Institute for Global Communications

   Portal for progressives.

Jericho Movement

   Trumpeting amnesty and freedom for political prisoners in the USA.

Journal of Prisoners on Prisons

   From Ottowa, Ontario, Canada.

Justice Action Australia

   From Sydney, Australia. A full agenda of activism, including a successful right-to-vote campaign.

Justice Charter

   From New York CURE, a comprehensive review of chilling facts, problems and possibilities

Justice: Denied--Magazine for the Wrongly Convicted

   A daughter's conviction for murder brings Oregon's Clara A. Thomas Boggs into contact with the world of the wrongly convicted.

Justice Information Center:

   A collection of U.S. federal sites hosted by NCJRS, the National Criminal Justice Reference Service.

Kemba Smith

   How women get prison for men's crimes.

Kenny Richey Campaign

   Ohio prosector:"Even though this new evidence may establish Mr Richey's innocence, the Ohio and United States constitution nonetheless allow him to be executed because the prosecution did not know that the scientific testimony offered at the trial was false and unreliable."

Kentucky Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty

   'Nuff said.

Legal Services for Prisoners with Children

   San Francisco group with helpful legal info and support.

Los Angeles Class Action

   From Litt & Associates Law Firm. Seeking victims of over detention, strip search, and wrong arrest (Summer 2002).

M 2000: For a Moratorium on the Death Penalty

   English version of Italian Community of St. Egidio's plea to sign their petition for a worldwide moratorium on the death penalty. See The Moratorium Campaign below.

Moratorium Campaign

   Founded by Sister Helen Prejean, author of Dead Man Walking, to stop the executions. See the petition at M 2000 above.

Move 9

   Philadelphia activists incarcerated since their arrest on Aug. 8, 1978.


   Updating the global mobilization.

P.S. for tips and tools

 Phil Agre's tips for "Designing Effective Action Alerts for the Internet."

David R. Woolley's list of Conference Hosting Services.


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