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Prison Links

   Resources for Educators and Activists

Alphabetical Directory:


   Updating the global mobilization.

MVFR: Murder Victims' Families for Reconciliation

   Since 1976, this organization has worked for healing, not revenge. Their motto: "Not in Our Name." Now based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

National Catholic Reporter

   This links to a July 2, 1999 story on growth in the prison industry.

National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty (NCADP)

   Execution resistance, alerts & updates.

National Conference on Peacemaking and Conflict Resolution (NCPCR)

   Housed at George Mason University at Fairfax, VA, this forum was founded in 1982 for folk working in conflict resolution. No membership required.

November Coalition

   Prisoners of the Drug War and their families. Headquartered at Colville, WA.

October 22 Coalition

   Annual day of protest against police brutality.

OSEPP: Organization for Sensible and Effective Prison Policy

   Link at not found (Aug. 2001).

PAO: Prisoners' Advocacy Organization

   Organized around California State Prison of Los Angeles County

PARC: Prison Activist Resource Center

   Excellent role model for net activists and the primary source for this "Prison Links" page."A good place to start."

Partnerships Against Violence (Pavnet):

   Virtual library of federally funded research on violence.

Patrick Swiney

   Former Alabama police officer convicted of murder.


   American Indian in prison, in pain . . .

People of the Heart

   Austin, Texas, group dedicated to the freedom of Lacresha Murray. They won!

PFADP: People of Faith Against the Death Penalty

   A special project of the North Carolina Council of Churches.

Prison Law Page

   Attorney Arnold Erickson's masterful website at his new domain.

Prison Legal News

   Monthly newsletter edited by Washington State prisoner Paul Wright.

Prison Moratorium Project

   Home of the "No More Prisons" movement & CD.

Prison Policy Initiative

   Source of report on political effects of counting prison populations as residents of rural counties.

Prison Reform Unity Project (PRUP)

   Organizing annual protests on Bastille Day at prisons and state capitols.

Prison Sucks

   Frequent updates with the latest statistics and analyses.

Public Enemy

   Banned from MTV for 'Free Mumia' lyrics.

Radtimes Email News

   Send an email to radman: get your radical edition of the daily news.


   Promoting structured meetings between victims, offenders, families, and friends. From Bethlehem, PA.

Restorative Justice Online

   Extensive treatment of restorative justice. Former home of PFI: Prison Fellowship International

Restorative Justice Project: Fresno Pacific University

   Don't be deterred by the outdated conference material, but check out the theoretical papers by Ron Claassen and the bibliography by Howard Zehr.

Rittenhouse Foundation

   A Toronto-based agency for transformative justice.

Sentencing Project

   Serious policy work and reliable data, based in Washington, D.C.

Solicitor General Canada

   Link to report on effects of prison sentences on recidivism.

TCASK: Tennessee Coalition to Abolish State Killing

   With an annual death penalty institute.

Texas Campaign to Abolish the Death Penalty

   Vigilant affiliate of the National Campaign.

Texas Civil Rights Project

   Link to Sept. 2000 report on death penalty (Acrobat Reader).

Texas Defender Service

   Link to report on death penalty @ 2000 (HTML and pdf).

Texas Moratorium Network

   To stop the killing on death row.

Texas Prison Abuse Campaign

   Beverly George's campaign to stop violence against prisoners.

Texas Prison Labor Union

   With background reports on the "settled" Ruiz lawsuit.

Thinking About Prisons: Theory and Practice

   Conference at SUNY-Cortland, October 2001.

Three Strikes Stories

   A database of California life sentences.

True Justice Web Ring

   A browser's treasure of more than 300 sites. See annotated directory of links.

UNION: United for No Injustice Oppression or Neglect

   An advocacy group from California.

UNHCHR: UN High Commission for Human Rights

   Pursuing global standards for Texas and other trouble spots.

VADP: Virginians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty

   Support for the death penalty drops to minority percentages when the alternative is 25 years to life.

Video: Beyond the Bars/No Extended Embraces

   Documentary portraits of women with loved ones in prison by Julia O'Farrow.

Voice of the Prisoner

   Prisoners appealing for contacts and attorneys. Dead link at clickshop, August 2001.

Voices from Prison

   A project of the Connecticut Prison Association. Host at unresponsive, August 2001.

VOMA: Victim-Offender Mediation Association

   Including online access to VOMA Quarterly, VOMA Connections, and other theoretical materials. Administrative address in Minneapolis.

VORP: Victim-Offender Reconciliation Program

   With a helpful library of papers, brought to you by Marty Price (J.D.) of Camas, Washington.

P.S. for tips and tools

 Phil Agre's tips for "Designing Effective Action Alerts for the Internet."

David R. Woolley's list of Conference Hosting Services.


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