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Stop the War Now:
Statement & Call
for National Day of Demonstration
on Sept. 20, 2001

Exploiting the widespread grief and horror at the tremendous loss of innocent life in the September 11 attacks in New York and Washington, the U.S. government is preparing to embark on what they are saying will be a massive, protracted military campaign. They are now saying that this war effort will last at least a year and involve probably more than one poor Middle Eastern country. We must do everything possible to stop this bloody U.S. military retaliation and escalation. Many more innocent people -- citizens and soldiers -- stand to die if we do not stop this war drive.

A truth that is being hidden in the media coverage and the political speeches is that these attacks are the result of a situation created by the U.S. government and its wealthiest, most powerful allies. U.S. military and foreign policy has reaped hatred -- any U.S. retaliation will escalate the hate of the U.S. and worsen an already bad situation. The U.S. government is using last week's tragedy to cause an even more devastating human tragedy across the globe.

The military offensive being prepared abroad has been accompanied by a wave of racism, xenophobia and threats to basic civil liberties at home. Already, some of the ugly face of American chauvinism and racism has come out: a violent, racist, xenophobic, backlash has begun against Arab Americans, Muslims and South Asians across the country.

A September 14 mass meeting (organized in less than 24 hours) of over 200 students and activists at the University of California Berkeley, voted for the 3 Points of Unity and called for a mass rally and march as part of a September 20 National Day of Action Against Scapegoating Arab Americans and to STOP THE WAR. On campuses throughout the nation, we call for rallies, teach-ins, marches, and other events to show solidarity and opposition to the war drive on this day.

Within months of the attack on Pearl Harbor, racist hysteria against Japanese Americans led to the internment of nearly one hundred twenty thousands people solely on the basis of race -- we must never allow anything like that to happen again.

Now is the time to act. Join many thousands across the country Thursday, September 20 for the National Day of Action Against Scapegoating Arab Americans and to STOP THE WAR.

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