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Hot Spot! Cuba

  • Speech made by Dr. Fidel Castro Ruz, President of the Republic of Cuba, at the closing session of the 5th Meeting on Globalization and Development held in Havana
    (Feb. 14, 2003) CubaWeb

    Neoliberal globalization constitutes the most blatant recolonization of the Third World. The FTAA, as has already been reiterated here, is the annexation of Latin America to the United States; a spurious union of unequal parties, in which the strongest will swallow up the weakest, including Canada, Mexico and Brazil. It is an immoral agreement that will bring free movement for capital and commodities but death for the "barbarians" who try to cross the boundaries of the empire through the slaughterhouse that the border between Mexico and the United States has become. For them there is no Adjustment Act that grants the automatic right to residence and employment -no matter what violations and crimes they may have committed- and which was created to destabilize Cuba as punishment for the revolutionary changes that took place in our country.

    I must state resolutely and with no hesitation whatsoever, as a revolutionary and a fighter who truly believes that a better world is possible, that in my opinion, the privatization of the wealth and natural resources of a country in exchange for foreign investment constitutes a major crime. It is tantamount to handing over cheaply, practically for free, all of the means of survival of the peoples in the Third World. And it will lead to a new form of recolonization, more convenient and self-serving, in which the natives will now cover the costs for public order and other essentials, which formerly corresponded to the colonial powers.

  • U.S. Blind to True Colors of Cuba's Problems
    DeWayne Wickham (May 30, 2002) USA Today

    "Most of the people who fled to Miami are white; most of the people on this island are of African descent. This is so for a good reason." Ruben Remigio, the black man who now heads Cuba's Supreme Court, told me.

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