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Disarmament is Deception: The New Logic of Perpetual War
Secret Rather Mission Revealed: Bush v. Hussein in Survivor Desert Edition
by Greg Moses
Feb. 27, 2003

Just hours ago President Bush warned the world that an Iraqi regime decision to destroy its own missiles will not count as evidence of disarmament. The US President claims that he will view such disarmament as deception.

The American people know how to read power talk. We are not deceived by the tactics of our own administration, which has been acting for the past few months like the big boss who is going to get what he wants. Under the ruse of power talk, compliance or noncompliance is all the same. Do what the big boss wants, and you get punished for being clever. Don't do what the big boss wants and you get punished, too.

Meanwhile, administration intellectual Richard Perle is clear enough about the Bush doctrine today. The US is going to remake the entire middle east. This is the long war ahead.

And while these things confront us, there is today's soft-spoken analysis by New Jersey Senator Bob Corzine, who offers the plain fact that the Bush economic record will be the worst in more than 50 years.

So I was excited to hear a rumor that Dan Rather's mission to Iraq was not quite what it seemed to be. According to sources that I cannot name, Rather was really in Iraq to negotiate an exclusive contract with Saddam Hussein to join President George W Bush in a special episode of Survivor!

I think the idea is brilliant. We'll pit the Iraqi regime against the American administration in a bare-handed series of Survivor challenges, preferably in some desert far away from command and control centers.

As my top-secret sources say, there is also a gaming project in the works to produce a high resolution video game on CD Rom with internet interactivity that will allow Iraqi and American citizens to actually control their government officials during times of international chaos.

The Al-Jezeera network and CBS can help the Americans and the Iraqi people find a way to enjoy the conflicts between their government officials. Thanks Mr. Rather for your efforts to restore our world to a sense of sanity. Survivor, the Desert Edition, may be the last hope for survival we have.


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