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911 Updates at Nonviolence USA
[nvusa digest 10/10/2001]

The following clips and links have been added to the 911 collection at Nonviolence USA:

When they come for you in the morning
Three Political Websites Downed After Government "Homeland Security" Threat, the web site which archives all Radio Free Eireann broadcasts, has been taken down because the web service provider was threatened with seizure of their assets if they continued to host "terrorist" radio programs. Travis E. Towle, the Founder and CEO of Cosmic Entertainment Company, which put up IRARADIO.COM, was told by their internet service provider, Hypervine, that they had been "strongly advised" to take the web site down.

A Hypervine representative read Mr. Towle a statement that, under an Executive Order recently signed by President Bush, the newly created Office of Homeland Security can seize all assets "without any notice and/or any real un-reasonable evidence of any company or person that helps, supports, or does anything that can be called or labeled terrorism or is found to be connected to terrorism in any way or means possible." Hypervine is a subsidiary of the New York based Skynet.

These threats have also caused Cosmic Entertainment to close the web sites archiving two other WBAI radio programs, "Our Americas" and "Grandpa Al Lewis Live." "Our Americas ," hosted by Mario Murillo, is an acclaimed news magazine covering Latin America. "Grandpa Al Lewis Live" features commentary by the actor and political activist who starred in "The Munsters" and "Car 54 Where Are You."

Radio Free Eireann, which broadcasts Saturday afternoons at 1:30 p.m. on WBAI 99.5 FM has covered the conflict in Northern Ireland for over twenty years. Guests have included Bernadette Sands, the sister of IRA hunger striker Bobby Sands; Rauri O'Bradaigh, the President of Republican Sinn Fein; Sinn Fein chief negotiator MartinMcGuinness and Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern.
   --(email report 10/9/2001). See WBAI page on Bush: Democracy Now!

Tony Blair and George Bush appeared to have struck an historic deal at the weekend which could chart the European and US military map for years to come.

he President's embrace of the EU defence force comes as a success and surprise for Blair, since it runs counter to the position of the newly forged 'iron triangle' within Bush's administration, comprising Cheney, Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and his deputy, Paul Wolfowitz.

British sources have also told The Observer that Blair had petitioned the President to put the Real IRA on the list of proscribed organisations in the US, banning it from legal fund-raising.
  --The Observer (2/25/2001)

LONDON, England -- British Prime Minister Tony Blair has denounced Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein as one of the world's most dangerous rulers.

Ahead of his first meeting with U.S. President George W. Bush, Blair defended both countries' airstrikes on Baghdad on Friday.

Blair's North American visit begins on Wednesday in the Canadian capital, Ottawa, after which he will travel to Washington where he will meet Vice President Dick Cheney.

He will then hold talks with Bush at Camp David, Maryland, before returning to London on Saturday.
   --CNN (2/20/2001

In past times of tragedy and fear, our government has harassed, investigated and arrested people solely because of their race, their religion, their national origin, their speech or their political beliefs. In the 1950's, when fears of the Soviet threat were used to convert dissent into disloyalty, people were spied upon and punished on the basis of political beliefs and associations instead of criminal evidence. Normal standards of criminal evidence were abandoned; instead, race and political beliefs became a cause for suspicion and recrimination. Intelligence-gathering activities were directed at Americans who dared to disagree with the government. We must not allow this to happen again.
   --ACLU Action Alert (10/9/2001).

A consortium of major American news organizations, including the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the Wall Street Journal, has decided to withhold the results of its recount of ballots cast in Florida in the 2000 presidential election. The consortium had planned to publish its report this week, and although its decision to suppress its own findings has received virtually no media attention, the reason is made clear in a September 23 column by New York Times Washington bureau chief Richard L. Berke.
   --Barry Grey (WSWS 9/25/2001).

Censor this
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