Spring 1997 Public Praxis Sites:

The Marist College Praxis Project / Minor in Public Praxis


Please consult with a participating professor before making direct contact with a particular site.

1. Community Day Care Center for low-income families. Many of the attending children are from single parent homes and need positive interaction and influence. Male students are especially encouraged to choose this site. Contact: Director Linda Simmons 454-1341. Location: First Baptist Church, corner of Mill Street and Civic Center Plaza (44/55).

2. Hillcrest House/Shelter for low-income and homeless persons. Needed are volunteers for overnight, preferably making a regular commitment, e.g., every other Tuesday night. Screening of guests is held nightly at the First Congregational Church at 269 Mill Street. Those accepted together with staff and volunteers are taken by van to the Shelter (near Dutchess Community College) and brought back the next morning at 7 a.m. At the shelter, volunteers help with serving an evening meal and the next morning’s breakfast. Two volunteers are scheduled each night and take turns resting. An orientation is provided before a volunteer is scheduled. Contact: 452-5197 and ask for Anthony Barnes, Rm. 126.

3. Habitat for Humanity renovates and builds housing for selected low-income families. Screening applicants, securing sites, raising funds, and blitzbuilding are on-going activities of chapters throughout the country. Poughkeepsie contact: John Paine 473-3834 or Robert Hancock 485-8776. Wappingers Falls contact: Richard Taylor 221-2099.

4. Good Counsel, Inc. is a shelter for homeless women and their children. Help with craft workshops, child care, etc. Contact: Sr. Mona O’Connell 452-2944. Location: 38 N. Clinton.

5. Beulah Baptist Church Soupkitchen serves a meal on Saturdays to anyone who comes, including families with children. Volunteers help set up and set the tables, lay out donated clothing, help in kitchen, help serve. Hours: approx. 11 a.m.-1:30. Contact: Mrs. Doris Brown 471-1883. Location: Catherine St. at the corner of Mansion St.

6. Projects of the Poughkeepsie Institute. Contact: Prof. Bruce Luske x2981.

7. Community Activism taking various forms. Contact: Mr. Lateef Islam 485-3139 or Mrs. Mae Parker Harris 485-3516.

8. Environmental groups working on environmental issues: Contact: Dr. Martin Shaffer x2406.

9. Salvation Army provides a range of social and spiritual ministries. Contact: Mr. Henry Hampton 486-9869. Location: 574 Main Street.

10. Interfaith Vigils (sharing of prayers, readings and/or contemplative silence):

11. Campus Ministries projects/Community Service. Projects include a City Plunge in either the Bronx or at a shelter complex in Lawrence, Mass. Contact: Brother Michael Williams x2275.

12. Ballad and Bard Project. Staging make-shift plays, writing poetry, sharing music, art, and games with kids in downtown Poughkeepsie. Contact: Jason Crandall x5672 or Prof. Mar Peter-Raoul x2181.

13. Prison Praxis Project · Grassroots/Advocacy. Underway is the establishing at Marist of a chapter of the New York City based JusticeWorks Community. This community advocates for alternative sentencing for mothers in prison with special attention to the well over a million children whose parent(s) is in prison. Contact: Ms. Maggie Engler 877-3627 or Dr. Martin Shaffer x2406. · Spirituality Today Workshop. Six-week seminar held weekly with inmates at Greenhaven Prison. Contact: Dr. Greg Moses x2217 or Professor Mar Peter-Raoul x2181.

14. Migrant workers project. Service projects and advocacy for migrant workers who work in the Mid-Hudson Valley under deplorable conditions. Contact: Kristyn Lauria 485-3098 or Rev. Richard Witt 485-8627.

15. Grace-Smith House provides emergency shelter to women and children victimized by domestic violence. Participate in various support systems. Contact: Ms. Alisa Robbins 452-7155 or Prof. Irma Blanco-Casey x2394.

16. New Progressive Partners. Afterschool reading and tutoring program at the New Progressive Baptist Church. Students meet with the children once a week, either M or R. Transportation provided by van, departing Donnelly at 3:30 and returning by 6:30. Contact: Prof. Modele Clarke x2677 or Professor Mar Peter-Raoul x2181.

17. Rhinecliff/Union Free School--Big Brother/Sister. Provide companionship to non-violent, court adjudicated youngsters on a weekly basis, Sat. 9 a.m. until noon, or Tue. 5 p.m.-8 p.m. Activities may include tutoring; improvisational drama, or religious sharing (Muslim, Catholic, or Protestant.) Transportation provided from Donnelly. Contact: Prof. Greg Moses x2217 or Professor Mar Peter-Raoul x2181.

18. Global Outreach--Mexico City Spring Break. Work with Marist Brothers and indigenous community. Contact: Kristyn Lauria 485-3098 or Bro. Frank at Campus Ministries, x2275.

19. The Progressive Coalition: Political advocacy for social well-being. Contact: Joel Tyner 454-7704 or 876-2488 or Bruce Luske x2981.

Other projected projects/sites include Cherish the Children project. Interested? Do you have ideas? Share them with us! Or contact us for more information (see above names).

Important: Praxis activities are intended to serve as occasions for the integration of thought and action. Students participating in Praxis activities will be expected to demonstrate acquaintance with some of the literature relevant to the social issues that are addressed at the various sites.

We need the vision to see in this generation’s ordeals the opportunity to transfigure both ourselves and society. --Martin Luther King, Jr

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